Sustainability Module

 An effective sustainability planning process for programs and/or practices that produce positive prevention outcomes and results is important. Sustainability is the process of producing and maintaining positive prevention outcomes in communities overtime. Sustainability is the capacity of programs to continuously respond to communities while focused on original goals and objectives. A sustainability plan is a roadmap for achieving long-term goals and documents strategies to continue the program, activities, and partnerships. 

SPF-PFS Communities of Practice in Southeast Ohio Sustainability Module Training: Adams and Lawrence Counties

The learning objectives for this webinar are as follows:

  • Gain conceptual knowledge about community-based program sustainability and sustainability planning.
  • Articulate the Ohio SPF-PFS sustainability module with community partners at the end of this learning event.
  • Apply the six phases of the Ohio SPF-PFS Sustainability module in the process of drafting a sustainable plan.

Sustainability Module SPF-PFS in SEO

Handouts for webinar and phases of sustainability plan: handout with same information presented in 3 ways to meet diverse learning styles
Downloadable Template and Checklist for sustainability plan