Steve Shamblin


Stephen Shamblen, PhD.(Research scientistbat PIRE)was trained as a social psychologist with a heavy focus on research,survey, and quantitative methods. He recently served as the subcontract Project Director for SAMHSA’s analytic support center subcontract and for SAMHSA’s data collection, analysis,and reporting (both Westat-prime).He also was recently a principal investigator for a program examining return on investment for ACF-funded marriage enhancement programs. Dr.shamblen serves as the statistical investigator for many prjects at the PIRE Louisville Center, where he is responsible for randomization and selection of samples, data cleaning, and sophisticated analysis of data(e.g., meta-analysis, growth mixture models, complex survey analysis,structural equation modeling, pshycometrics, hierarchial linear modeling).Dr.Shamblen previously was a biostatistician at Passport Health Plan/Evolent,where he (a) provided actionable information from data for business decision making and for new initiatives to improve health and reduce costs; (b) collabrated with Quality on Performance Improvement Initiatives; (c) provided ad hoc rreporting(e.g., defining HEDIS/NCQA specifications in data).Dr.Shamblen also has experience with data collection reporting using technology(e.g., web Sharepoint, R/Shiny, Survey Monkey) and developing tablet software for ACASI data collection.